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About Ana Contigiani Gospodinoff

My name is Ana Contigiani Gospodinoff. I am 41 years old, happily married since 1995 and have three wonderful kids. I was born in Italy, raised in Argentina and moved to Miami in 2002.

On Thanksgiving Friday 2008 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My primary tumor was in my right breast but it had spread to other parts of my body. I had two brain tumors, cancer in my meninges, left lung, left kidney, liver and the base of my spine.

My husband Victor was told by one of the first doctors to simply give me pain killers and accept the fact that the disease must complete it’s course. I had basically 40 days to live.

Victor didn’t listen and found another doctor. We went through hell and high water. I received 3 types of chemotherapy and radiation to the brain simultaneously. I suffered a stroke. I was in bed for 8 months, my body weight was down to 74 pounds but against all odds I’ve been cancer free since April 2009.

As far as I’m concerned cancer is just another challenge. Depending what type and at what stage it’s detected it can become an enormous challenge. I don’t live on cloud nine. I know very well that it’s a challenge that can defeat you, however as long as you keep fighting and don’t allow negativity to eat you alive, you can also kick cancer’s butt.

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